Five of the strangest computer security projects

Data protection is very important and very serious. But it is impossible to do everything with a strict mine, there is a place for creativity and humor everywhere. Today we will tell you about Internet projects that offer to look at security problems from an unusual angle.


As much as we fight about the importance and necessity of complex passwords, the top lines of popularity among users are still occupied by easily guessed samples like 1q2w3e, iloveyou and so on.
“Who are all these people? – We are surprised when another analytical review on this topic comes out. “And what if we introduce them to each other? – thought the programmer Krzysztof Zając and launched Words of Heart.

This site unites into pairs of users who have specified the same password when registering. The first time after its launch, security experts considered the new resource to be the original idea of cyber-crackers.

However, the creator of Words of Heart quickly contacted everyone and assured them that he wanted to make a joke. Well, to put a thought in the minds of users: “If I have the same password as 10 other people, maybe it is not so good?

First of all, it’s beautiful.

Did you hear the hosts singing? Now you can hear – thanks to the project of American researchers who have created a musical panorama of global Internet traffic. They have broken down the network data stream into several categories and linked each to its own sound – violin, cello, harp, xylophone and others.

The more data of one type, the louder the corresponding instrument. The creators claim that it sounded quite pleasant, although the only video with a demonstration, unfortunately, was deleted from YouTube for some reason.

According to “IB-Composers”, all this was done not only for beauty. Information transmission by sounds (sonification) has been used in alarm notification systems for a long time. Voice of Internet traffic helps to track its intensity, the sharp increase of which may indicate a DDoS-attack.

The authors of the work decided not to stop at this and added their “alarm” device that allows you to turn on active protection from DDoS when you hear crescendo by simply pressing on the … tomato. And turn off the cucumber. Don’t ask what the vegetables have to do with it – we don’t know that. On the other hand, the authors of the project are proud to say that this was the first tomato to be directly involved in DDoS protection.

Radio shocking offers

Spam has entered our lives so firmly that we hardly notice it. Only when an important letter suddenly falls into the “trash folder” and you have to dig through it. Then you can see the abyss of “unique offers” and promises of Nigerian wealth. This treasure trove of human thought has inspired unknown internet creators to launch

Yes, yes, it is a radio that broadcasts spam. More precisely, now on the site you can find only the record of old programs – the round-the-clock live broadcasts, unfortunately, are in the past. But not long ago the robot was reading endless advertisements with a peaceful voice to unobtrusive music.

The broadcast was fully automated – the site engine converted into speech e-mails, from which all addresses were removed beforehand. So you won’t be able to get in touch with the author of the offer you’re interested in. However, it is for the better.

People are not allowed in.

Our age is characterized not only by high technology, but also by a widespread struggle against injustice. For example, UNESCO proposes to think about the rights of robots. How do you know that in 10-15 years’ time, our electronic brothers may also need interest clubs to take their souls off after a hard day.

If anything, there is already a means of face control in place, you can see for yourself on (“People weren’t invited”).

You need to go through the captcha to access the site. Its mechanics is familiar to all Internet users – you need to choose from a variety of pictures those that show a certain object.

But the illustrations are so blurred that the human eye can’t distinguish between the images, while bots with machine vision cope with this task perfectly. Just as some Reddit users are suspicious, if you think about it…

Fold the fog

The last site in our list of serious human problems does not raise and is created more for fun. Have you ever heard of short link services that reduce long URLs to a dozen characters? There is one problem: you never know where exactly this link will lead you.


Therefore, they are often used by scammers, and hackneyed Internet users treat them with suspicion.