Computer forensics

Expertise and research

The leading independent forensic laboratory, which provides services for the production of computer forensics, investigation of theft through Internet banking systems, response to incidents of information security.


Author’s and adapted courses and trainings on digital forensics, application of modern expert hardware and software tools, including free of charge. The high quality of training is achieved through a large number of practical exercises and consideration of cases based on the data of real incidents.

Information security

We develop individual recommendations to improve the level of security, based on knowledge of current threats and attack vectors, taking into account the peculiarities of the customer’s business processes. It allows to minimize risks of information security at small expenses on introduction of systems of protection of the information.


Expertise and research

Computer-technical expertise and forensic research of digital technology by modern methods. The quality and efficiency of the Laboratory’s expertise was highly appreciated by both law enforcement agencies and corporate clients.

Incident response

In the event of a break-in or suspected attack, our experts will provide expert assistance in gathering evidence, developing a plan to deal with the consequences of the incident, and making recommendations to prevent a recurrence of incidents in the future.

Collecting digital evidence

Finding the data necessary to investigate an incident, including hidden and deleted data, and documenting it as legally relevant evidence to be accepted in court. Provision of specialists and technical support of investigative actions.

Investigation of incidents and a cyber attack.

As part of the investigation, Cyber specialists restore the scheme and chronology of the incident, retrieve data on the methods of attack, and compare facts and connections between individual incidents, which makes it possible to identify perpetrators and organizers of cybercrime.

An investigation into Internet banking embezzlement

Investigation of theft via remote banking systems (client-bank, Internet-bank). Determination of the method of theft. Identification and fixation of insiders’ actions. Analysis of banking Trojan programs and identification of management servers.

The investigation into the notary’s attack

Since 2014, more than 40 incidents have been recorded related to the introduction of illegal changes in the registers of the Ministry of Justice on behalf of notaries. The evidence collected as part of our expertise allows us to remove suspicions from the notaries’ victims.

Malware analysis

Detection and analysis of malware and spyware, including those used in targeted attacks. Extraction of data about work algorithms, control servers; analysis of configuration files and network traffic. Correlation with other attacks.

Mobile forensics

Extraction and analysis of all data (correspondence, media, documents, etc.) from modern mobile devices. Restore deleted data; retrieve information from locked phones and tablets; retrieve information from cloud storage and online services.

Video forensics

Capture and restore data from all types of DVRs. Improve video quality, zoom in on individual areas of the image, and measure the size and speed of objects. Analysis of large amounts of video from different sources with the selection of events.

Reviewing expert opinions

Assessment of expert opinions on the applicability of methods used in the study and the reliability of the results, compliance with modern scientific approaches and legal requirements. Consultations for lawyers and other parties to the process.

Training in digital forensics

Information security and digital forensics training for corporate customers and government officials. Specialized trainings for lawyers: lawyers, judges, prosecutors. Possibility of forming own courses.

Systems for digital forensics

Design and construction of “turnkey” forensic laboratories, supply of equipment and software for computer-technical and telecommunication expertise from the world’s leading developers, technical support.